Shades of Grey

Call us "submissive" if you must, but we finally acquiesced to the demands of popular culture and went to see the fettish-driven phenom Fifty Shades of Grey. (BTW it's already grossed $300 Million so apparently we weren't the only ones who gave into temptation). Needless to say, the world's obsession with "Mr. Grey" got us thinking about our own love of all things grey. In our latest "Pinergy" segment, we explore the allure of this composed and sensual shade.

Grey 2.jpg

1. Ed Ruscha, “Idea" (1976) | 2. Flos Superarchimoon Floor Lamp (Architectural Resources) | 3. B&B Italia “Charles” Sofa by Antonio Citterio (Architectural Resources) | 4. Fornasetti Plate (Barneys) | 5. Oyuna “Daya” Throw (Architectural Resources) | 6. B&B Italia “Bunch” Vase (Architectural Resources) | 7. Blamo Toys “Bandit” (Architectural Resources) | 8. Tina Frey Designs Large Champagne Bucket (Architectural Resources) | 9. B&B Italia “Husk” Outdoor Chairs (Architectural Resources) | 10. Poliform “Ubik” Closet System (Architectural Resources)